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Get exclusive access to the Jumpstart Class

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Pilates Anywhere, at Anytime

Whether you want to step up or take a more relaxed approach, get access to our Jumpstart course and learn at your pace and without a time limit.


Get FREE access to our exclusive collection of videos to learn a series of new exercises that will help you boost your routine.

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Meet your Instructor,

Mover, educator & inventor, my name is Viktor Uygan, I'm a NCPT certified Pilates teacher and Balanced Body Master Instructor. I teach courses in Pilates, Anatomy in 3 Dimensions, BODHI, MOTR, CoreAlign, and the Konnector. 

This is what you will learn

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Start with

the Basics

Anytime, Anywhere

Lesson 2

Supine Arm Work

Discover the amazing variations on the loop trails for the hands so you can enjoy your routine by giving extra support to your wrists.

Supine Arm Work.png

Lesson 4

Marionette Series V1 & V2

As the full body is involved, the movement from even one arm produces a reaction on the other straps creating a deeper core activation.


Lesson 7

Long Box Pulling Straps

 You'll notice all the extra range of motion you get with help of the 

Konnector® during your workout, giving you the opportunity to explore variations of the classic movements to get the most out of the routine. 

Box pull.png

Lesson 3

Feet in Straps

Feet in straps is a great way to progress lumbopelvic stability training. And with the Konnector® you will have addtional options for an extra boost.

Feet in Strap (2).png

Lesson 5 & 6

Seated Arm Work Facing Back & Seated Arm Work Facing Front

For these exercises, I show you how to use the foot strap as a support, getting not only extra security on your body but also adding more challenge to the workout.

Seated Arm.png

Lesson 8

Long Box Hamstring Pull

This is the last video of the series and I save the best for last. Using the Konnector®, the straps enable a full range of motion of the knee and shoulder joint during this exercise.



Michelle Hyde

I just finished taking a weekend Konnector seminar.  It is a great upgrade to the Reformer.  I am so glad I waited to buy the Konnector until after the class.  I would have gotten some benefit from the system, but not nearly as much since I now understand the principles of why Konnector, have personally experienced it in many different exercises, and understand the basic mechanics  of why you choose which strap, when to change the springs, etc.  In the seminar, we did not have time or energy to do every Reformer exercise with the Konnector, but the way Vicktor taught the information, I feel I have what I need to get on my Reformer and figure it out.  Plus, Vicktor himself was so personable, easy to interact with, non judgmental.   All around, a great experience for me.


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