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MAster Class

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Join Us 1-hour master class! 
April 19th, 5 pm $40 
Space is Limited.
6 pm Konnector Demo Free

Konnections utiliza una banda extra larga para conectar las cuatro extremidades creando una experiencia completamente nueva de los ejercicios originales de Pilates. Konnections multiplica exponencialmente el flujo de información propioceptiva y te ayudará a mejorar tu habilidad para enseñar y practicar Pilates. Descubre con su fundador Viktor Uygan cómo desarrollar tu creatividad y aprender a moverte mejor dentro del repertorio de Pilates.

Konnections Master Class

April 19th 5pm - 6pm

Konnector Demo

April 19th 6pm - 7pm

Konnector Manual Photos Day

Training will be lead by  Konnect Method Founder &  Konnections Creator.

 Viktor Uygan

Viktor’s formal movement studies began in dance as a young boy with ballet training in Turkey and Italy. With multiple certifications and mastery level ballet training (Cecchetti technique and American Ballet Theater curriculum), along with over 15 years of a successful professional ballet career, Viktor shifted his focus to the kinesiological side of the movement.  


In 1992, Viktor started studying with the BodyCode System and Gyrotonics in Italy.  He was introduced to Pilates after moving to the US in 1993 and studied for six years before he was certified in 1999 from DK Body Balancing through the University of Nevada, accredited through the Nevada State Board of Physical Therapy. Viktor is grateful to have had the pleasure of learning from many great mentors in the industry during these last twenty years of teaching. Viktor co-founder Konnect Pilates in Orange County, California. He has been a Balanced Body Master Instructor since 2012, teaching the entire Pilates comprehensive, Anatomy in 3D, Bodhi, MOTR, and CoreAlign courses.


Intertwining the foundations of ballet artistry, anatomical structure, and kinesiological functionality, Viktor explored and expanded on his origins of movement to create his Konnect Method. He is now traveling worldwide with Pilates on Tour and movement conferences, training instructors on a wide variety of new and innovative exercises with the Konnector®, and his Konnect Method.  



Totally agree 😍😍😍 Konnections for mat is really surprising ❤️❤️❤️


I really enjoyed your online Konnections for mat workshop! 😍😍😍 you did a great job Viktor! ❤️❤️❤️


Absolutely without a doubt one of the best teachers I have ever had the honor of learning from. He's an actual genius!  Love you Victor!!

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