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The first time I tried Konnector®, I felt expansive and free.
Konnector® is like an extension of my own body that creates awareness within my own body.

Ada Wells

Contact Info:

2213 Harbor Bay Pkwy, Alameda, CA 94502, USA


My "aha" was realizing how much the Konnector® brings the Pilates apparatus experience into the present moment. The brain gets stimulated the entire session through both the facilitation of feedback and the challenge of choreography.

The first time my clients experience Konnector®, they describe how they had no idea how much the body was connected and how much of a role their brains play. They playfully joke that "their brains were exploding", but in a good way that they could tell would be good for them.

I love Konnector® because it brings novelty and fun to movement and truly embodies the essence of creating a body-mind practice. Everybody leaves a Konnector® session smiling.

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