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The first time I tried the Konnector, I felt EVERYTHING! I felt every muscular imbalance and every postural distortion. The great thing was that I also FELT.... that I was in control! It took concentration, but wow, the benefit was profound.

Errol Toran

Contact Info:

75 NJ-15, Lafayette, NJ 07848, USA


My "aha" moment happened when I tested out the Konnector prototype! While my first, unsupervised experience was a bit overwhelming, I knew there was something there. And I loved it! I loved it so much I bought a wood reformer just so I could have a Konnector of my own!

My client's first reaction was the "giggle". When they got the feel of the independent straps, and felt the advanced possibilities, their eyes opened with a smile and they giggled!

I NEVER have to check strap length again! Seriously, the "konnectedness" of the Konnector provides feedback that give the client the power and incentive to focus and autocorrect as they work, leading to a profoundly deeper Pilates Experience.

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