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Why Konnect?

We use external resources to create internal connections in human movement

The continuous feedback from the resistance band on Konnections or Konnector the one rope pulley system with 4 straps the Konnect method makes stimulate the fascial chains. It is almost as if the chains no longer terminate at the feet or the hands but continue through the bands and then feedback into the body again to be organized by the core.  This challenges the body to coordinate between the stability of the core and the mobility of the limbs. Both the support of the bands and their instability allow for greater expression of movement.

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Konnections for Mat

Konnections on the Mat by Konnect Method will revolutionize the way you teach Mat Pilates.


We have evolved the original  Pilates movements (and added more) to enhance your ability to teach and to help your personal practice.


Learn how to make Konnections that will improve your student's strength, body awareness, and conditioning.


Provides a new class option (& revenue stream) to your practice.

Konnector® Reformer

Konnector® enables full-body workouts by Konnecting arms and legs through a single rope system that will allow you to unlock the full potential from your reformer.

Created by Viktor Uygan, Konnector® takes Pilates to a dynamic new level with independent and simultaneous movement of arms and legs. The single rope system engages your entire body (lift your legs, and you’ll feel it in your arms!), providing constant proprioceptive feedback and facilitating stronger core activation.


A simple locking mechanism returns Reformer to standard Pilates functionality.

Viktor Uygan

Mover, Educator, Inventor

Viktor Uygan’s long history as a professional dancer and in fitness led him to Pilates after moving to the United States in 1993. 

From 2002 to 2021, he was a proud co-founder/co-owner of Konnect Pilates in Southern California.

 Viktor is a NCPT certified Pilates teacher and Balanced Body Master Instructor. He teaches courses in Pilates, Anatomy in 3 Dimensions, BODHI, MOTR, CoreAlign, and the Konnector. He specializes in the training athletes and dancers and holds certifications with the Ki-hara technique for resistance flexibility and strength training as well as the AmericanBallet Theater National Training Curriculum for young dancers. Viktor presents worldwide with his workshops and his innovative invention The Konnector. You can also see his classes on many of Balanced Body DVD’s along with Pilates Anytime and featured articles in Pilates Style Magazine.

Viktor founder of Konnect Method
Viktor inventor of Konnector Balanced Body Pilates reformer

Konnect Method

Balanced Body Authorized Training Center

Whether you are planning to become a Pilates Teacher or you are a teacher but looking for continuing education credits, I can help you.

As a Balanced Body Master teacher, I am ready to lead you on your Pilates Journey in Orange County, CA, and surrounding areas.

Check out my upcoming training dates on the Schedule tab or submit your information to


Viktor Balanced Body Educator in Orange County California
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