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Host Konnector Reformer Training

Host Konnector® Training!

Bring the Konnect Method and our team to your city!

The power of Konnecting with us.

Thanks for your interest in hosting a Konnector® Training. 

There are many benefits to hosting a training in your city including:

  • Improve client experience

  • Improve staff engagement

  • Attract new staff & new students

  • Stand out from other studios

  • Increase conversion of trials from "deal" sites and drop-ins

  • Generate income from the training

Please read the information below and if you think you'd make a great host, submit your application!

Highlights of Hosting Konnector® Training

Sign me up!

Here is what happens next...

Step 1
(you are here)

Review the Konnector® Host information (this page) &

submit part 1 of your application.

Step 2
(we chat)

We'll send you a few more details of being a host & we'll schedule a call to secure your training dates and to answer any questions. 

Step 3
(promote event)

We build the registration pages & then send you the links and marketing material. You promote the event (and we do too).

Step 4

We conduct the training and you'll gain immediate recognition as being the best host ever.

Fill out part 1 of the Host application by clicking the button below. 


If you have questions, feel free to email us:

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