Konnector is a single-rope pulley system with attachment points for all four limbs. The patented system enables independent and simultaneous movement of both arms and legs. The user experiences constant proprioceptive feedback through a single rope. This facilitates full-body integration and stronger core activation in dynamic new ways.


Four straps One Rope

The four straps of the Konnector are attached through a series of pulleys to one rope. This acts to connect the limbs to each other and to integrate the action of the limbs and the torso in every movement


The Konnector enhances proprioception and illuminates imbalances like no other system can. The profound feedback from the straps helps you to feel, understand and correct imbalances with a minimum of cueing.


Connected but Independent

Because all four limbs can move independently but remain connected through one rope, the Konnector replicates the architecture of the human body by stimulating the connections between the upper and lower body, between the right and left sides of the body and between one arm and the opposite leg.


Konnector takes Pilates to a dynamic and versatile new level with independent and simultaneous movement of arms and legs. Tri Loops straps, a versatile third “hidden” loop to provide support for a full range of foot position. Can perform all traditional Reformer repertoire and more



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