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Start your Pilates career

with Balanced Body Pilates teacher training

Reformer Instructor track start Dec 17-18


Viktor Uygan,
Master Teacher for Balanced Body

I have been teaching teacher trainings over 20 years in Orange County, and I can not wait to start my next Balanced Body Pilates Reformer training on

Dec 17th - 18th to Feb 04th - 05th.

There is nothing like sharing my passion for movement with new students and mentoring them along their Pilates journey.

I will teach you in-depth knowledge of Pilates exercises, theory, and skills to teach classes or sessions on mat, reformer, trapeze, chair, and barrels.

You have 3 difirent options to start your Pilates Journey

Do you have any questions about the options?          


5 Modules

  • Movement Principles module

  • Mat 1, 2 and 3 modules

  • Mat Practical hours (70 total hours)
    – 20 Mat personal
    – 15 observation hours
    – 35 student teaching

  • Anatomy Included

  • Total hours: 150


Reformer Instructor

5 Modules

  • Movement Principles module

  • Reformer 1, 2 and 3 modules

  • Reformer Practical hours (150 hours total)
    – 30 Reformer personal
    – 30 observation hours
    – 90 student teaching

  • Anatomy Included

  • Total hours: 230

Comprehensive Instructor

11 Modules

  • Movement Principles module

  • All Mat and Reformer modules

  • Trapeze, Chair, Barrels modules 

  • Mat practical hours (70 hours total)

  • Reformer practical hours (150 hours total)

  • Comprehensive practical hours (150 hours total)
    – 35 Apparatus personal sessions
    – 20 observation hours
    – 95 student teaching hours

  • Anatomy Included

  • Total hours: 536


I have been doing my training with Viktor, who is absolutely amazing. He knows how to be fun and educational. You can tell that he had so much passion for his students.

— Reformer 1 Attendie 


Anatomy 3 D with Viktor was so much fun. I was nervous about anatomy, but building muscles with clay made it so much easier for me to understand. The course was presented perfectly!

— Anatomy 3 D Attendie


Changing careers is a life-changing event, and I am sure you must have many questions about this exciting decision. 

As your mentor, I am not only ready to support you during your Pilates training, but I am also here for you before your Pilates journey starts.


Click "Lets Chat" and see if this is the right program for you and answer any questions you might have.

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