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The Konnector brought me an element of surprise and revelations. It almost felt like the Kinesphere on and off the carriage.
The revelations were my weaknesses and compensations which is my continuous work. However, I felt a kind of freedom that had been missing! The Konnector gives you the opportunity of multiplanar work and helps you improve movement integration principles. It also challenges a bodily response of precision which enhances agility and coordination.

Ana Bolt Turrall

Contact Info:


1722 Hendricks Ave Jacksonville Florida 32207


The 'aha' moment when I started with the Konnector was more brainiac and physical connection to strategize movement. And other times the connections were just delicious and playful.

With an enthusiastic facial expression, they say many things but commonly...
"What just happened?! I feel my whole boy working nicely, or THAT WAS FUN!"
Clients are able to have fun, identify their compensations and weaknesses and they are eager to make changes.

It ignites my choreographic creativity, it motivates my clients to be intentional and love the vigor to the entire body. I may not be able to dance the way I used to but the Konnector brings life and music back to the dancer within me.

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