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Konnector is a four-point rope system that gives the body a 3-dimensional experience in all planes of movement on the traditional Pilates Reformer.

A shock wave go through my nervous system! I am extremely sensitive to new input due to Congenital Scoliosis. I have dealt with an ever-changing spinal column since the age of 3. The Konnector woke my system on a very deep level, similar to the electrical stimulation that used to be given to me when I was 6-7 years old.


I began to integrate all 4 ropes. Moving lateral chain exercises was over stimulating at first for my system. I needed to "sit" with the experience and allow my body to reorganize itself.

WOW! This so much fun. It is so different than just laying down on the Reformer. How come we didn't know about this sooner?!

I feel Konnector work is going to be an eye opener, literally spine opener, for my body personally. I look forward to exploring the system and creating new experiences for my own body. For clients, it creates a connection to gait and everyday movement patterns that are so integral to truly being successful with the life changing aspects of the Pilates Method.

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