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The first time I tried Konnector I had to really focus and concentrate unlike ever before!

Ann Toran

Contact Info:

130 West 37th St, Third Floor


My "aha" moment with Konnector came while doing Feet in Straps and feeling my core and lateral system's fascial connections activating unconsciously, while my being conscious that I was truly balancing my overactive and underactive musculature!

My clients' first reaction was Woah...what was familiar became unfamiliar and they had to concentrate truly. A true-body connection.

I love Konnector because, after 23 years of teaching Reformer, I am inspired about my next 20 years. It is a gift that will keep giving as the potential is endless. I thought the Reformer as it was had unlimited potential, the Konnector is mind-blowing in its infinite possibilities. There is no danger of boredom with this method. My Private clients are requesting 90-minute sessions now due to their increased interest and physical improvement. Both young and old LOVE it! My youngest is a 12-year-old dancer and my oldest 78, easily adapts to all ages and needs!

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