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I felt like my body could finally communicate from all ends. When moving with the Konnector I always feel like there are messages being sent to the inefficient areas of my body that usually don't get sent or received. It feels like it has been the missing link to reformer work.

Christine Crooks

Contact Info:


13312 TELMO


My "Aha!" moment with Konnector was when I had chronic hip pain for almost 2 years and within 10 minutes of using the Konnector I was pain free!

Upon using the Konnector for the first time, one of my quite talkative clients ended up taking almost a whole 10 minutes without saying a single word. She could FEEL the instruction from the Konnector and focused on her movement being more balance. Her favorite part of every session is Feet In Straps (with Tri-Loops of course) and feeling the maximum mobility with her body supporting itself. The best of both!

The reason I love Konnector is because there is a perfect harmony of freedom and support. When you have a love of movement it can be easy to flow any which way your body wants to go. With the Konnector, the body finds new ways of moving while having the support and feedback to be dynamically stable & strong.

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