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My first time on Konnector with Viktor I felt my body in ways I had never before in the 20+ years I had been teaching and practicing Pilates. Immediately I realized that Konnector was something that would greatly benefit my clients and was an valuable tool in teaching Pilates for both clients and teachers.

Darcie Osborn

Contact Info:


4735 S Durango Drive Suite 101 Las Vegas, Nevada 89147


I felt new challenges in my body to create stability, find full range of motion and mental coordination. I knew right then that Konnector could help everyone.

My "aware" clients notice the fine differences in Pilates with Konnector. They can feel their body connecting deeper and more specifically to what it needs.
My "novice" clients often notice the more superficial differences, such as keeping their legs in table top with the work from their glutes and abs vs. quads and hip flexors.

My love of Konnector is both selfish and giving. I love that it challenges my mind as a teacher and I also love that I can give my clients an experience (and often success in movement) that they don't get on a classical Reformer.

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