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When I first met the Konnector in 2019, I had a feeling that it was active and fun because I only thought about the performance

DaSom Jeong

Contact Info:

25-3, Buldang 34-gil, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si


In 2019, I only focused on movement, so I thought I could teach exercise freely in various ways. But after 2019, as I studied neuroscience, I became more curious and thought that Konnectors directly affect the brain. There were so many elements that could be helpful not only to stroke and Parkinson members but also to modern people. When I use Konnectors with neuro-pilates, I think Konnectors are the only Konnectors that Konnect fast feedback from members, body, mind, and brain

"I think I'm in zero gravity." "It's the same movement as usual, but it feels more difficult, but when I come down from the Konnector, my body feels so light and good." "It feels like I'm doing a full-body exercise, not targeting any muscles." "I can feel right away what muscles I don't use." "The Konnector feels great," "I can feel where I'm exercising well." "It's amazing. It's a great device." "I didn't know when I used other devices, but now that I know the connector, I want to take classes only as a Konnector."

I don't know if it's after learning brain science, but it was a time for me to expand my thinking, and everything Victor said opened up to me as a great insight.
If you look at motion neurology, 80% of them are reflexes, 20% voluntal movements, and it's so fascinating and fun to see that we can adjust and use everything in the Konnector, use various surfaces, and melt the vision, vestibule, and proprioceptive senses called 3GPS into our body with pilates. I love you so much, Konnector

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