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When I first tried the Konnector, I felt that it helped me to make more automatic adjustments and not force my core control with traditional Reformer work. I was able to feel differences in how strongly I pulled or pushed with one arm or leg vs. the other and if my motion was freer. Just working to get the straps moving together helped me to experience and adjust the movements in a whole new way with less forceful effort.

Dr. Heidi Fisher

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A Wise Move Physical Therapy & Pilates, 180 West Magee Road, Suite 164


The Konnector has given and continues to give me lots of "aha" moments, which makes if fun to keep using. What took off the training wheels, so to speak, was being able to use the 4 straps or even just the longer straps to include the reformer in standing work at the foot of the carriage or mat work and standing balance and strength work from the side of the carriage.

Most of my clients who have been on standard Reformers usually have a moment in one of their first sessions where they feel the straps are uneven, but did not realize they could just pull and adjust them. That is usually a big "aha" moment.

One of the main reasons I love the Konnector is that it allows you to shift between types of mobility and stability quickly to provide your body the movement experience, learning and challenge it needs most on a given day. I love that you can hold one limb stable and move another or move them simultaneously or alternating. I have always struggled with shoulder girdle work. The Konnector helps me to organize it more effectively in arms in straps, but then transition it to new areas of challenge with kneeling arm work and various thoracic spine challenges. I love that it is a silent teacher in many ways behind the scenes for my client's experience, so that she/he doesn't have to be overwhelmed as much by my cues and feedback.

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