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Hwan mun(Ariel)

I felt my muscles come alive. My body reacted on its own to find a balance of muscle power.

Hwan mun JUNG

Contact Info:

4 floor, 100 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Every moment the Konnector and my body are connected is "aha!". Anyone who has experienced Kooncector will agree.

The moment they first exercise with the strap on their 4 limbs, their eyes widen like rabbits. Then, feel the imbalance of their strength with their body and focus on moving delicately while balancing.

If you exercise on the Konnector Reformer, you can simultaneously exercise various muscles and fascial chains even if you perform the same movement. This is also a great advantage for neuro-systems. Many people have to start with Konnector Reformer.

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