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When I first tried Konnector I felt shocked at the difference I could feel in my body. It was like nothing I had ever experienced on a Reformer before. Konnector placed the full control in my own hands, literally. My body was in charge of balancing itself and it was exhilarating. I would describe Konnector as the method that breathes new life into the Reformer system. Once the switch is made to Konnector, I never wanted to look back!

LaBriece Ochsner

Contact Info:

LB Pilates, Bourdons 4, 2533 Evilard/Magglingen


My "aha!" moment with the Konnector was first during Supine Arms when I realized that I was in charge of adjusting myself to make the straps even, not the straps needing to be adjusted. My second moment was during Long Box Pulling Straps when I realized the range of movement was full and complete!... I could take my arms fully overhead and not loose tension in the ropes. Konnector truly allowed me to stay connected and in tune with my own body like nothing before.

My clients' first reaction was their amazement at the instantaneous connection to their obliques. It was as though their torso and limbs were suddenly speaking to each other and in collaboration for efficient movement.

I love Konnector because it provides me to evolve my teaching and the experiences my clients can have on the Reformer. The movement options are endless and allows the repertoire on the Reformer to go deeper and becomes a more fulfilling and satisfying experience both for the clients and as the teacher. Konnector is truly LIFE-CHANGING!

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