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Konnector is so cool, I can't believe all 4 limbs are working together yet working against each-other. I feel and see the benefits of independent, singular movement, to challenge oblique slings and more.

Lizbeth Garcia

Contact Info:


4655 Cass Street, Suite 101, San Diego, CA 92109


Two legs moving independently on the Konnector's tri-loops in each foot, just like walking, this simple movement is profoundly challenging to the entire trunk. Add the arms now we're truly connected to our 'core' as we teach, 'trunk integration.'

"The straps are not even."
Once we got past this idea that the straps will be even -- as soon as you are structurally and muscularly level. They loved it and started to make changes for themselves. I say less, they do more self-correcting.

Viktor's Konnector is brilliant. It's Pilates reformer functional application. Truly ingenious and worth every dollar.

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