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Chu Hung

This is the first time I truly feel the flow of energy. On the Konnector, there is suddenly a connection between every part of my body. There is no exception, and the limbs, which used to act independently, are now truly linked together through a rope. In an instant, my body knows what to do.

Louis Chueh

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2F., No. 15, Ln. 45, Liaoning St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104101 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)


My 'Aha!' moment was, when my first experience with Konnector. I instinctively performed an Inprint to avoid lower back pain which was diagnosed with a condition that required surgery, was not allowed to perform any weight-bearing exercises. Without saying a word, Viktor corrected my pelvic alignment and allowed me to move normally. Surprisingly, I felt no discomfort in my back at all! After the exercise, it felt more liberated than ever before.

After I start to teach Konnector. My clinet told me "My body feels lighter, and every joint seems to be lubricated. Even the sensation of walking is different."

I never imagined that a rope could do so much. Konnector provides more refined resistance, allowing the body to perform smoother movements. More importantly, it serves as the central hub of body communication, connecting the limbs and the core, perfectly embodying the essence of Pilates: 'Whole body movement!'

Konnector has changed me, and I believe it can change you too. Let's discover our own 'Aha!' moment together through the Konnector!

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