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First time I tried Konnector my nervous system lit right up as soon as I started moving. All the compensations that I got away with on the regular reformer became clear as day for me. I got twice the benefit from the same number of reps.

Lynn Peterson

Contact Info:

4591 Lakeside Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32210, USA


My aha moment happened when I let my brain shift into feeling mode from thinking mode. I felt the cords guiding my movement and allowed myself to follow. I felt my muscles working so deep inside my trunk it made me grin ear to ear!

My clients' first reaction was that they felt like it was a true full body workout. They loved being able to move with me saying so little in the way of cueing, they were able to feel what it means to move from within.

I love Konnector because the versatility of this system is mind blowing. It has become a very important tool in my rehabilitation toolbox because it keeps the mover so much more engaged in the moment of the movement I ask them to perform. Bravo Vikrot

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