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The first time I tried Konnector, I felt how the whole body is connected. Whether the limbs were moving in tandem, in opposition, or alone, the whole body needed to be "at the ready", relaxed yet connected. That really drove home the idea that every exercise is a full body exercise because everything is connected.

Michele Lee

Contact Info:

1516 Chapala St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA


I had many "aha" moments with Konnector, but what sticks in my mind is when I was doing pulling straps and was able to go through a full range of motion and I felt myself allow my scapulas to rotate freely to give me shoulder mobility with EASE!

My clients' first reactions were, "Wow, I really feel my core!"

I love Konnector for so many reasons! It's expanded the repertoire that I can offer my clients, limited only by my and my colleagues' creativity! I love that it allows for more range of motion than traditional reformer straps, yet still can operate just like a traditional reformer. I love how it connects the whole body, how it can teach clients opposition, which I find one of the most challenging principles to teach, without having to say anything! I love that it is helping knee-lockers find their back lines. I love that the limbs can move independently or together and can highlight imbalances in either case. I love the progressions that keep my clients moving forward and the seemingly endless "presents" with which I can surprise them.

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