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The first time I tried Konnector I felt excited about a new and fun way to move. I loved that it is a full body experience with every movement. I also enjoyed the brain body connection.

Tara Scott

Contact Info:


2104 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91506, USA


My "aha" moment with Konnector was the next day when my tight shoulders felt loose and mobile as well as my lower back. I felt very embodied in my body.

My clients first reaction was, "This is so fun!" "Wow I feel connected throughout my entire body."

The reason I love Konnector is that every movement works my entire body including my brain. It is integrative and fun and gives my whole body a chance to figure out what it needs to do to find stability with every exercise. I also love how organized I feel in my body after a session.

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