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The first time I tried Konnector was in the training and I felt the total brain body connection. Sometimes we would start an exercise and my brain didn't know how to start. I would get going, the movement smoothed out and I felt connect throughout my entire body! Every exercise is a full body experience.


My "aha" moment with Konnector was the day after the training while I was doing my bodyweight moves. My shoulders felt more open, my scapula was moving more freely, my lower back felt lubricated and mobile, and I felt like I was embodied in my body.

My clients first reaction to Konnector was "this is really fun." and "Wow, my body feels great."

The reason I love Konnector is that every exercise is a full body exercise. You are training the brain and the body how to move with freedom and connectivity and the movements available to us are endless.

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