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Amazed! I couldn't believe we are all still working on traditional reformers! A Konnector reformer breaks you out of the mostly saggital-plane limitations of a traditional reformer. Konnector also allows for single-limb work, and standing work, which just isn't possible on a regular reformer. The Konnector helps students feel the tension and integrity of their bodies as they move through space as an integrated whole. You cannot move a limb on the Konnector without instantly feeling how that movement influences the rest of the body. Because students move on the Konnector as an integrated whole, their work becomes more balanced, more precise, and much more efficient and effective. As a teacher, I don't really need to cue that as much because the student is going to find it on their own, and that's very empowering!

Tiffany DeMartin

Contact Info:


Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA


My "aha" moment came when I first tried Konnector at a conference. I was coming off of surgery and I really thought I had managed to maintain a lot of my strength and stability through the recovery process. Wow, was I wrong! I was strong in my sagittal plane, but rotation, working asymmetrically, standing and balance work? Those were a mess! Konnector helped me identify those within the first five minutes on the reformer!

Hesitant! For some students, they thought it would be too difficult, too complicated, or too gimmicky. All of my students find that Konnector is none of those things. The work is challenging but safe - the body feels great when it is working as an integrated whole. The two-pulley system may look complicated, but it's not! Once students put the straps on their hands and feet, they instantly know what to do - they feel it! And Konnector is not a fad or a fun prop that will fade away. I honestly think a day will come when most reformers are Konnector reformers - and my students agree.

Movement heals. Dancers, athletes, yogis, weekend warriors - they know the benefits of movement. But not everyone has access to that feeling of embodiment. Konnector helps even absolute beginners pave the way to that feeling. Clients feel supported and safe, and the work is clear because they feel it in their bodies immediately. Students don't have to have a background in movement to understand what they're doing. They feel it without me even cueing it. And advanced movers love this work because they can dive deeper into their own disciplines and fine tune movements.
It's a joy!

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