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Strong, yet stable. With a traditional reformer, I often feel stuck and restricted in my hip flexors and my lower thoracic. The Konnector finally gives my body the opportunity to grow and extend in ways that would only be possibly with the four connected straps. The Konnector supports me, but also pushes me to become stronger. You don't quite get that same feeling from a regular reformer.

Tresa Meussling

Contact Info:


526 W Jefferson Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46802, USA


We all have part of our body that seem to never be fully awake no matter how much we train. After spending just a few minutes on the Konnector, I can feel every inch of my body working together in my gait and my less motivated joints and muscles fully participating.

For my more athletic clients, they work harder and more efficiently than on a traditional reformer. For my more therapeutic clients, they are able to be supported and still work on some of the more challenging Reformer work.

The Konnector allows me to dive so much deeper into each muscle, joint and fiber of my body to move more efficiently and to connect deeper to my Pilates practice. The Konnector also gives a greater opportunity to work in lateral flexion and in the transverse plane that traditional Pilates doesn't quite offer. You can feel this full body aspect the minute you reach through all four straps.

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