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First time i tried Konnector, I felt free to move but in a very pilates-way. It felt like i tried a new equipment, but still made me feel like move in a traditional pilates-way, which I enjoyed!

Yaeji Yoo

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569 Heolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea


My “aha!” Konnector moment was when I tried off-apparatus movements with only grey straps on hands or feet such as standing arm work series, arm work seated on footbar, kneeling arm series on a box that’s by the reformer etc.. I found it really interesting how the straps worked smoothly but i still felt the weight of the springs.

My clients’ first reaction was fluster because they couldn’t cheat as they did before in spite of themselves.

I love Konnector for so many reasons. First of all, it helps me to use more core in any workouts because I can’t cheat with these straps that is one-connected-system.
Second, it seemed complicated at first, however, once you understand the system it is so much easier to teach clearly as I intend with less words because it just makes you move in a right way.
Last but not least, it is so much fun because you can be creative as much as you want with Konnector.
Can’t help but be more surprised every time I practice on this beautiful apparatus. Such a genius way to Pilates!!!!

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