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Move with Viktor

Inventor, mover, teacher.....

Thank you for considering trusting me in your movement journey. 


I have been pursuing my passion for movement since nine years old and have been enjoying helping others to achieve their goals since 2000.

As an inventor and a Master Teacher in Pilates Method, I am known for being creative and innovative in my teaching approach and solving problems.

I work with clients of any age, from 12-year-old inspiring athletes to 80-year-young weekend worriers.

Former clients are in the fields of Professional Ballet Dancers, Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer players, Olympic swimmers and gymnasts, as well as figure skaters.


Pilates Anytime

Unlock a free 30-day membership to Pilates Anytime and move with Viktor and other well know instructors using this on-demand platform.

Discover the benefits of a regular Pilates practice with the help of our programs and challenges featuring different themes, teachers, and Pilates styles. Whether you are just beginning, or you are an advanced practitioner or a Pilates teacher, whether you are looking for Mat Pilates or have a Reformer or other Pilates equipment, we welcome you to our community.

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